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Subject: Re: TP - 4/4/91 - My Thoughts/?'s
From: (Brett J. Vickers)
Date: 1991-04-10, 07:44
Reply-to: (Brett J. Vickers) (Bill Perkins) writes:
> >1) Did Harry *know* who T. Eckhardt's assistant was?  (From before...)  He
> >   kind of acted like he did/did not when he woke up -- maybe just the
> >   shock of it all made him act "bewildered" (he had this look on his face
> >   like "You?!" -- but maybe it was all just surprise..?

I think Harry was just surprised to find it was a woman who attacked him.

> >5) Doc Hayward is hiding something!!!  We all kind of wondered when he was
> >   going to become "more important"/"critical to plot development", huh?  (Oh,
> >   YEAH, we did!)  All his denying/making up excuses on-the-fly w/ Donna pretty
> >   much show that there's more here....  It wouldn't surprise me at all if,
> >   as many others have suggested, Ben is, in fact, Donna's dad. But why (as
> >   far as plot goes???)?

Like the rest of Twin Peaks, Doc Hayward no doubt has a smutty, evil side.

> >16) Who was shooting the arrows at the neon-colored buffaloe cut-outs?  I
> >    really think it was Bobby (but WHY?!).

No, it was Johnny Horne, Ben Horne's autistic son.

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