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Subject: Re: TP Music - list anyone? (And owls...)
From: (Janet M. Swisher)
Date: 1991-04-10, 11:06

In article <>
(Mary V. Burke) writes:
> >Roar in Norway asks about other non-Badalamenti music in TP.....

[citations of various tunes deleted]

> >What about the various amateur-hour performances by a) James and Maddie and 
> >Donna and b) JJ Wheeler (feh!)?  they were so very forgettable that 
> >I've.....well, forgotten whether they were doing anything recognizable or 
> >not.

I don't know for absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure that at least
the instrumental of the song J&M&D sang was by Badalamenti, partly
because it keeps coming back as background music, and partly because
it just has that feel.

JJ sang a US western folk song, "Bury me not on the lone prairie."

The pieces Mary mentioned were all "in" the show, while the one Roar
mentioned was background music (at least I think so, from his
description).  I think he was asking if there has been any other
non-Badalamenti *background* music.  I would sort of expect that if
there had been, *somebody* on the net would have posted saying, "They
used my favorite piece by my favorite composer."  On the other hand,
not too many Americans are familiar with Norwegian composers (so AB
could be stealing shamelessly and we'd never know).

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