Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: stonehenge/previews
Date: 1991-04-10, 05:31

I know posts get kind of scrambled, so forgive the lack of chronology, but
someone else's comment about a New Hampshire Stonehenge reminded me with
a jolt (!) that there is a Stonehenge-like arrangement of monoliths in the
state of Washington--it's visible from the Oregon side of the Columbia
River Gorge, on a kind of cliff.  There is a mansion nearby, also visible (I
think both are open to the public, I just never drove on the non-interstate
road on the other side of the river--I know, I know).  Both were built
(legend says) by a rich man for his overseas bride, who died before she
could be presented with the gift.  It's very haunting.

Just a thought.

It's toward the eastern (southeastern) part of the state.

Ilana R.