Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP Music - list anyone? (And owls...)
From: (Roar Larsen)
Date: 1991-04-10, 05:39

Here in Norway we saw episode 2014 last Friday. (We'we been catching up 
during your hiatus - heh, heh...)

I was pleased to notice that during the scene where Catherine reveals 
Andrew not being dead, to Pete, the music in the background was by the most 
famous Norwegian composer ever, Edvard Grieg (Piano Concerto in A minor). 
(He lived and composed during the latest half of the 19th century, and 
died early in this century.) (That's the second reference to Norway and 
Norwegians on the show - hope it pisses the Swedish fans off...  :-)

So now I'm wondering - has anyone got a list (or just an idea) of what 
music has been used on the show that was not written/composed by 
Lynch/Badalamenti? If not, would someone like to try and compile one?? (It 
seems that just about every other aspect of TP is covered in some list or 

When we were away during the easter holidays, my girlfriend and I stayed 
in a cabin where every night we could here the owls hooting in the woods 
nearby - we were expecting Bob to drop by anytime, so we always kept a 
bucket of water by the bed, to throw at him and scare him off... Anyone 
know whether this would have worked, or were we just lulling ourselves 
into a false feeling of safety?

- Roar Larsen
  Trondheim, Norway

"Look - it's trying to think!" -Albert, referring to Truman(?)