Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 4/18 SPOILERS!!!
From: robertj@unreal.uucp (Young Rob Jellinghaus)
Date: 1991-04-18, 23:34

AT LAST!!!  The event I've long been waiting for--Windom Earle came into
his own as a villain worthy of Coop!


This show has my UNDYING loyalty for the number of times it has made me
say, "OH MY GOD, what was THAT??!!  Wait a minute, it's gonna be on again
WHEN???!!  OH NOOOOO!!!!"

So Bob is returning into our world, eh?  Annie + Cooper = trouble?  The
Giant mouthing "no... no..."  Earle has the Major _and_ Leo.... the
Black Lodge returning to earth....

Of course we will never know what becomes of Billy.  I will actually be
very surprised if we witness the meeting fo Jupiter and Saturn.

But holy jumpin' jizzywitches, it's gonna go out with a bang nonetheless.
It almost feels to me like it's burning faster and hotter, and something
wild WILL be seen on June 10th.  ("WHEN???!!")

Jack's gone (many of you will be happy about that, I'm indifferent), and
Audrey's feeling how Cooper's gonna feel when the Black Lodge is done with

Windom:  What is your greatest fear?
Major:   That love is not enough.

I kind of doubt it is....

At last we see the horse again!  Only this time he's got black spots!
Oh, I see, the horse in the Palmer's living room was coming to carry Maddie
to the White Lodge.  Well, now we've got that answered, Fiona!  I actually
think the has got something going here.

So what made the ringing noise in Ben's office?  What did he see when he
turned around?  "This isn't right.  There's something wrong here."  AND

The unsettling sense of dread and foreboding is BACK!

Aggh, gotta stop thinking about it, I'll go MAD in the intervening weeks....
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