Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP - Northern Exposure
From: (Albert R. Woo)
Date: 1991-04-18, 18:31

In article <> (Luis Ramos) writes:

> >
> >In the event that NE suffers the same fate as TP, how about integrating the 
> >two into a single show: "The Twin Peaks gets Exposed in the North," in the 
> >hope of increasing its viewership (i.e. union of both viewerships). I can just
> >imagine how all the threads in both shows might be "blended so seemlessly." 
> >Any takers? Of course, there are also other possibilities like Sam (of QL)
> >leaping into TP in one of its episodes.                        
> >
> >
> >Louie

Aaaaacck!  Please, nooooo!!  Let's just leave the QL people to their own 
little world!!  One of the great things about a Twin Peaks newsgroup is that
I don't have to hear anything about "What if Sam leaped into so-and-so?"
"What if Sam did this-and-such??"!!  

Sorry, I don't mean to flame;  just the rantings of a frustrated
reader sick of waiting five minutes for his "QL" kill-file to finish the job.

Well, OK, if Sam leaps into anybody from TP, I hope it's Laura Palmer...
Or Theresa Banks.  Or Blackie O'Reilly.  Or Jacques Renault.  Or Bernard
Renault.  Or Jean Renault.  Or Maddie Ferguson.  Or Emory Battis.  Or....


                         --Albert Woo