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Subject: Re: Why does black=evil? (was: Has anybody noticed the black & white
From: (Steve Owen)
Date: 1991-04-18, 10:53

In article , (Rocky Giovinazzo) writes...
>> >>From: (Jim Graffam)
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Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Has anybody noticed the common "Black and White" Themes
> > 
>> >>For some unknown reason, we have been brought up with the connection
>> >>of Black to "Bad" and White to "Good".
> >	It is probably because of the fact that we cannot see things in the
> >dark.   i.e dark implies the unknown which implies fear => evil
> > 
> >Rocky Giovinazzo

I think Black/White, Bad/Good goes back to Biblical references.  The darkness 
is often an analogy to evil.  The Light is always in reference to that which is 
good and right.

Also, the absence of light is darkness, but not visa versa.  All the darkness 
in the world can't put out a light, but even a tiny light can dispel a world of 
darkness...  Go into a huge dark place, pitch black.  Like a large hockey 
arena.  Light a match.  That one match has the ability to remove all that 

Oh boy, I'm gettin' too deep here... time to stop the rambling....

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