Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: Re: Bob's new home
From: (Rocky Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-04-18, 08:52

From: (Ann Hodgins)
Subject: RS - Bob's new home

> >When the hooded figure was shown we saw an owl fly into
> >the figure and appear to feed.  So perhaps the hooded figure
> >is Bob's new host and Bob is the owl feeding on the host's soul.
> >The figure is hooded because the identity of the host is cloaked
> >(hidden). 
	I took that scene (as I did many others) to mean that the
owl and hooded figure are either the same or are both Black Lodge
spirits-- I doubt that BOB can possess the hooded figure (unless
he is of course the hooded figure himself).
This shot was also followed by a burst of flames.
	Remember that we saw the same kind of thing in the "Briggs
gets abducted" scene.  An owl swooped down while a hooded figure
appeared with a bright light (i.e. flame-like).

Rocky Giovinazzo