Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 4/18 and beyond (RS) (SPOILERS)
From: larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger)
Date: 1991-04-19, 03:55

Sorry, Canadian friends... I don't even like to think about how frustrating
it must be to have the episode just disappear with no warning.  I sincerely
hope that Global reschedules.  As you probably are all too aware by now, the
show did go on in the States on Thursday as planned.  I really suspect that
Lynch has been heavily re-editing in preparation for the "wrap-up", hence the
late arrival of the tapes.  But, following are a fare number of SPOILERS,
so you'd best stop here if there's any hope of seeing the show up there.

A few comments on the story, and various speculations, so far:

First of all, thanks to everybody in this group for making the show extend
through the week(s).  It's been nice to live in the mythos for more than
just the one hour per (occasional) week.  Kudos to all the detail-spotters,
the list-makers, the creative-explainers, and the journalists!  A special
thanks to Bernie Roehl for his very insightful summary of our favorite mythos.

As Bernie and others have pointed out, we are definitely being drawn into an
epic battle between the forces of "good" and "evil".  While some have objected
to a mixture between the concepts of good and evil and the tenets of Buddhism,
don't forget that this is the belief system that brings us the notion of yin
and yang, and the duality of all reality.  The Zen koan asks, "What is the
sound of one hand clapping?".  Though koans don't have "answers" as such,
surely one is expected to gain some insight into this duality by coming to
the understanding that there is *no* sound of one hand clapping - that only
through the collusion (collision :-) of opposing forces is reality made
manifest.  Accordingly, I don't believe (or at least I sincerely hope that)
there will be no absolute victory over either the Black Lodge or the White
Lodge.  This struggle is eternal.  It is life.  I do hope, for the sake of
our friend, Dale Cooper, and the citizens of Twin Peaks that the Black Lodge
loses this particular battle!

Contrary to Windom's and Joe Buck's belief (nice company ya keep there, Joe :-),
I don't think the White Lodge is "clumsy and ineffectual" as compared to the
Black Lodge.  Rather, the White Lodge's methods are simply more subtle, and
less direct than those of the Black Lodge.  Subtlety and gentleness are often
seen as less powerful methods of action by the coarse.  Zen, however, teaches
strength through yielding.  I am reminded of Quai Chang Cain in the old
Kung Fu television series; I think he and Dale would like each other.
Someone (I believe it was Hawk) explained to Cooper that one had to pass
through the Black Lodge to reach the White Lodge.  This is consistent with a
spiritual progression, a growth and a refining, along this path to
enlightenment, or Heaven.  Because of this greater refinement, and, perhaps,
a greater respect for the ways of Fate (the way of Dao), the Giant is less
willing to remake the world, or to directly intervene, hence his cryptic,
oracular pronouncements to Dale.  Tonight's more direct "Nooo!" from the
Giant are a sign that things are really heating up, and was delivered with
a suitably concerned expression to accompany such a radical action.  (By the
way, Joe Buck, I liked your metaphysical explanation for who the
representatives of the two Lodges are and how they got that way!  It really
fits the Tibetan belief system that Coop subscribes to.)

Dale is also told that in order to enter the White Lodge, one must defeat
his Black self.  Well, Windom was his partner, and is now wholey engrossed
in seeking out the Black Lodge.  Metaphorically, at least, WE is Dale's
black counterpart.  Thus, for reasons quite aside from the affair (sorry:-)
with Caroline, Dale and WE must come to blows.  Though this is really no
surprise to anyone at this point.

Sometimes I think that Dale is headed for the WL, and sometimes I don't.
This is partly based on his statement that the discovery in Owl Cave was going
to lead to something wonderful, though this could just mean that things would
resolve themselves well and he and Annie would live happily ever after.  And
then there is the Major's vision, as related to Bobby (thanks, Luis Ramos, for
the transcription), that mentions the seamlessly blended addition of new rooms
to the WL, which could be suggesting that Coop will fit into the WL as
easily as he fit into Twin Peaks itself, though this could be referring to
Laura and Maddy, who made it to the WL due to their strength and innocence,
respectively.  Sometimes the ease with which various events and clues support
completely opposing alternatives seems almost deliberate, and a bit
maddening, eh?

Another aspect of Major Briggs's vision is that *he* is returning to the WL.
Sigh.  I fear this means the death of one of my favorite characters ever.  And
it seems that Bobby is coming to grips with some more refined priorities in
this episode, perhaps beginning the fulfillment of that part of the Major's
vision for him - "living a life of deep harmony and joy".  Might Bobby even
figure in the WL's defense?

Wittingly or not, it appears that the recent deaths at Windom's hands are
strengthening BOB.  I interpreted the various hand-shaking as being BOB
trying to directly control these individuals, perhaps thinking he might
actually be able to succeed, perhaps simply trying out the wearing of flesh
again.  I was already wondering if this might be the case when BOB's nearly
physical manifestation occurred, and great emphasis (light and similar hand-
shaking) was placed on his arm and hand.  So it looks like BOB is going
to be in on the big confrontation!  He may not even need a host this time,
or perhaps he will be able to control anyone without their *letting* him in,
as was necessary in the past.  BOB is a real wild card in Windom's deck.
WE, in his madlong rush for power and revenge, may not pay proper due to the
danger inherent in his chosen path.  Evil is famous for destroying itself as
well as good.  BOB could as easily turn on WE as embrace him.  Who can say?

Leo-stein is obviously still in pretty bad mental shape.  I lost it completely
when he started shocking himself, following WE's great Brer Rabbit act.  I
know some folks disagree, but I find WE pretty damned spooky!  Except that
Coop put special emphasis on stating that WE had abandoned the chess game,
I had been assuming that Leo, as WE's bishop, was going to be ordered to do
something that forced Coop to kill him, since that piece had to be taken next
to propel the stalemate (or possible mate).  Perhaps this is a development
that must needs be lost to the network-imposed time constraints.  Still, Leo
managed to recall Shelley's name, so he might play in this yet.

So with this background, what's going to happen next?  Well, what I predict
and what I hope are a bit different (neither of which may occur, of course!).

Unfortunately, I fear that Dale is going to fail to interpret or heed the
Giant's warning (though this bothers me, as I think we all understood it all
too well).  Or it may simply be that Annie, who has a strong will of her own,
will refuse to be swayed by any arguments that Dale is able to present to
her - it is a bit of a tale to swallow, after all, that the Giant that (pretty
much) only Dale can see, who warned him of other murders, is now telling him
that Annie shouldn't try out for Miss Twin Peaks!  Unfortunately, I believe
that the Giant perceives the weave of the future only too well, and all roads
lead to doom for Dale's second true love, *or* for Dale himself (who as
others have speculated, may have to lose his physical self to save his Queen
and his soul).  In one scenario, Annie dies, but Dale and the WL prevail by
killing WE.  In the other, Dale saves Annie at the cost of his life.
Incidentally, though I hope they don't take the previously suggested obvious
out of having BOB inhabit Cooper, the violent loss of Annie (after having lost
Caroline violently) is about the only thing I could imagine demoralizing
Cooper to the extent that he would surrender his soul to BOB.

What I'd like to see is for WE to send Leo after Annie, the new Miss Twin
Peaks, and have Bobby (because Shelley is somehow threatened also) help out,
and Dale, quite necessarily, kill Leo - to continue the chess game, and help
fulfill the Major's vision (unfortunately, I fear this means the Major is
probably killed - by WE - but his soul fills in the robed figure, and he is
shown entering the WL [or perhaps the robed figure simply is shown taking
him to the WL]).  Then I'd like to see WE, in preparation for his
own attack on Annie, and in his planned ascension to the BL, enter the
waterfall and invoke the poem "... fire, walk with me", which together with
all the recent deaths gives BOB sufficient strength to take over WE completely
and almost instantaneously (we should just have time to see WE's recognition
of the forces he has unleashed and the unfortunate fate which that spells for
him).  Then Coop, finally hot on WE's trail, confronts WE/BOB, and perhaps
with a little coaching from the Giant, destroys WE/BOB.  So cleansed in
the fall's waters, Coop and Annie do live happily ever after in Twin Peaks,
then, as far as we know - until the series is picked up by Fox!
-- "You wouldn't recognize a *subtle plan* if it painted itself purple, and danced naked upon a harpsichord, singing, 'Subtle Plans are Here Again'." - Edmund Blackadder