Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 4/18 First Impressions (SPOILERS)
From: ( Jeff Nanis)
Date: 1991-04-19, 05:49

Favorite Line(s):	"It's your jet." " Thank God for that."

Amazing Revelation # 1: Just when we thought that Leo wasn't as stupid as
he was appearing, he goes and proves us wrong.

Overall Impression: One of the best episodes I've seen in a long time. It's
happening again. The feeling of impending doom, dread and foreboding that makes me want to jam my knuckles in my mouth is back. Even without the reappearance
of Bob, the camera work alone gave me some serious Lynchian heebie-jeebies.

Big Question #1: Who was the lady in the RR whose hands we first saw shaking.
At first I thought it was the Log Lady, but I don't think so.

On Shaking Hands: My first thought was nerve gas leak, but that was out of 
context, and we would have been warned had WE been up to something. Then I
thought, something similar to the way animals know an earthquake is coming,
certain people, sensitives, are reacting to an upcoming Great and Horrible 
Event, the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, the Final Battle, etc. When I 
voiced this aloud, my sister provided the best explanation. "Oh, no. It's
just Bob, trying people on for size." The final scene clinched this for me.
His hand, reaching out, as if trying on a new suit/pair of gloves/BODY.
Who was the last person to have their hand shake? Pete, shortly before he	
took Audrey off to trip to the woods. Hmmm...

Hunk of Metal: This didn't look like steel, it was a little too dull. Platinum
or some radioactive isotope both suggest more interesting plot lines.

The Giant: What was he trying to warn Cooper about? Not to let Annie enter Miss
Twin Peaks? Or not even to kiss her or get involved with her? And if the latter,why? To keep her from getting involved and hurt/killed or to keep Coop away fromsome danger posed by her?

P.S.	Does Anyone have Bob Iger's address? My sister wants to write him and
I lost my copy. Email or repost, whatever. hanks.
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