Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Annie
From: (A. Buschhaus)
Date: 1991-04-19, 13:29

(4/18 Spoilers)

I started feeling uneasy about Annie just after the 4/18 show and by 
bed time I'd convinced myself that Coop is in for big trouble here 
because I think that the Miss-Twin-Peaks/Queen/Giant-Issues-Warning 
connection was just TOO blatent and is infact a red herring. 

It started at the diner of course with that interesting camera work.  As
they get into their conversation the camera begins to pull back Very
slowly and the audio track emphasizes the 'detail' sounds of the diner.
The sound of a person moving as he leaves, the slamming of the door upon
exit, the spring creaking on the kitchen door, etc. also a low 'rumble'
starts and grows louder.  In the conversation, Annie reverses roles so
to speak by observing that something is wrong and asking Coop if he'd
like to talk about it.  They then sail off into engaging prattle about
their love and they just get happier and happier.  

The kiss at the end of the conversation adds to the forboding.  The crash
of the plates is a graphic reference to disaster and I noticed that Dale
looked about before going for the second, more intense kiss.  Dale 
Cooper has never struck me as the kind of guy who is ashamed or self-
concious about anything he does in public or otherwise (yelling SHELLY
JOHNSON in the diner for example).  

Annie arrived on the TP scene fairly recently, After the Black Lodge/
White Lodge and supernatural can of worms started to blow wide open 
and After WE's arrival.  She may have come back to TP (or been sent) 
intent upon stopping Coop.  She might be a host to a dark spirit such 
as Bob and the suicide attempt was her last effort in her failed battle 
(years ago) against posession.  She also might be under WE's control 
(he was there at their meeting) although I think that this is less likely.  
She's doing her job well.  Dale fell in love as though he were falling 
off a log and he's taking her I-need-someone-supportive-and-worldywise 
bait hook, line, and sinker.  Also, Dale himself has confessed that she's 
interferring with his investigations.  Evenso, things are coming to a 
head on other planes and she has to ensnare him soon.  She turned the 
tables at the diner and has really come on strong at the Great 
Northern ("more than your kisses").  The MAIN topic of their conversation 
at the Great Northern was seduction.  I think that the Giant was warning 
Coop about this and that the timing was coincidental.  Possible further
evidence is the Mayor's repeatition of "This isn't right.  There's 
something wrong here.", the audio track of which is carried over onto
the visuals for the next scene in another subplot - i.e. the line is 
given broader play to reflect a broader meaning.  Things are happening 
NOW (not the least of which is Bob's apparent arrival) and the number 
one guy representing good should be especially vigilant.  The chivalrous 
knight loosing his courage/reason to the wiles of a woman may be a sexist 
theme but popular all the same.

On the whole, things have just been going too well Re: Annie.  Their
falling in love was wonderful and I really enjoyed it.  We, however, 
are recovering from the blow of apparent true love and gaining that 
sense of perspective Cooper mentioned in the diner conversation a bit 
sooner than he. I've been glad yet apprehensive for weeks now 
about Windom Earle's glaring lack of malice toward Annie.  He hasn't 
mentioned her in any of his ravings and hasn't added her to his list 
of queens.  I'd have thought that once he saw Dale's obvious love for 
her that she'd become the one and only queen.

Well, this is just my theory, so far at least, but if true it surely
ups the level of dread.