Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: COOP, Drop Annie !!!! (small 4/18 spoilers)
Date: 1991-04-19, 08:47

I now believe Annie is *NOT* what she seems....

She is BAD (maybe slightly influenced by the black lodge)...

Recall the diner scene where COOP and Annie were small talking...

All throughout this scene the camera is pulling back and we hear the 
"forboding" music.  That scene was *very* uncomfortable.  Clearly, those 
discussions between COOP and Annie were not meant to be "lovey dovey".  The 
"Blood" driping Coffee cup further shows the negative "air" about Annie.

Also, I am noticing how Annie's involvement is causing COOP to veer off 
his quest to put an end to WE ( & Black Lodge).  She is trying to distract
COOP so he cannot move as quickly as WE is in finding their sources of 
"power" (WE - Black lodge, COOP - White lodge).

And lastly, the Giant trying to warn COOP away from Annie...he was clearly 
(IMHO) trying to get COOP to not let Annie become his queen.

COOP !!!! Drop Annie FAST !!!!

BTW, was the map shown in the WE scene (super-imposing petroglyph) an actual 
section of the US map??  Could anyone tell by looking at that map where 
Twin Peaks is exactly?   Just Wondering.


   Man looks into the Abyss, there's nothing looking back at him.
   At that moment, man finds his character.
   And THAT, is what keeps him out of the Abyss.

                                  - from the movie "Wall Street"