Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Musings about 4/18 episode
Date: 1991-04-19, 10:36

    One thing I noticed about last night's (4/18) episode, it was BOB's
right hand that first came out of the portal, and it was the right hand
that started to shake for different people, Coop, Pete, the older lady
in the diner (who was she?) Could there be a connection? Also, BOB was
standing near a black circle rimmed by something white, the black/white
color theme again. And the red curtain that the dwarf was kneeling in front
of appeared, along with the dwarf's dancing music.

    I thought there was some kind of noise just before Ben turned around,
startled, like something had appeared. Also, with the long shots of the
different hallways, I though I heard footsteps echoing through the
school hallway. 

     Let's hear it for Heather Graham, the woman I am going to marry!

     I didn't quite understand this plot with J.J. Wheeler. We don't even
hardly know why he's around in the first place, and then he gets yanked
with some flimsy excuse like a murder in Brazil. I thought it was poor

     Did we see all four sides of that metallic object that Andrew and
Catherine got from inside the mysterious box? I wondered if that doorknob
that Josie is stuck in was embedded in that metal object and given to
Catherine as a trophy or something.

Jeff Kouba
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
University of Iowa