Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 4/18 Spoilers
From: (Mr. Liquid Cheeze)
Date: 1991-04-19, 15:25

In article <> (Cool Bean) writes:
> >COOO-ILLL!  **Spoilers ahead**

> >Last night's episode was real good.

YUP!  It sure was.

> >What was that black goo dripping in the diner?  Coffee or syrup?

I am in the maple syrup camp.

> >How often do Saturn and Jupiter meet?  According to the scanty research
> >I was able to do so far, it takes Jupiter 11.86 yrs to orbit the sun and
> >it takes Saturn 29.46 yrs.  So do they meet every 11.86 years?

I don't think that is the physics of it.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how
often Saturn and Jupiter meet.  I am pretty sure that regardless of whether
Saturn and Jupiter could really be in alignment or not; they are.

> >And when they showed that taped of WE at Project Blue Book, he was talking
> >about the evil souls and that they are called ______????  What did he say
> >they were called?  I can't make that out.

They were called the Black Lodge.

> >The symbol on Catherine's black box of the new moon (the white ring) made
> >me think of Cooper's ring.  Of course, then the giant appeared.  He's kind
> >of useless, isn't he?

The ring on Cooper's finger may not be so insignificant.  Those of us who
shelled out $8.95 for the Cooper autobiography as told by Scott Frost know 
that the origin of the ring is quite mysterious.

Yes, I agree the Giant is pretty much useless.  Like I said in other postings
the Giant could be saying "No!" to just about anything in the world.  Not
very useful information for Cooper.

> >And what was that high pitched noise in Ben's office?  All's I can think of
> >is that it was heard when the Major was abducted by one of the lodges and
> >also when the giant appeared to Cooper.

The Ben Horne mystery is a big one.  I just don't think it has anything to
do with BOB.  My specualtion currently leads me to believe it to be one of
the following people: Mrs. Heyward, Jerry, Johnny, or Doc Heyward.

> >So, Cooper dubbed Annie the Queen himself.  

He basically did.

> >Thoughts:  (RS:)  Annie was sent by the black lodge to distract Cooper
> >just like in Pittsburgh.  Love seems to be clouding his judgement once
> >again.  BOB is going to either a) find a new host now that the time is
> >right and good old Leland is dead, or b) his time is up and his duties
> >will be given to a new evil soul (WE?).  Maybe MIKE used to be what BOB
> >is now and when his time was up he was moved into something else.

I don't think the Black Lodge sent Annie, but WE is definitely going to take
advantage of the parallels between what is happening in TP and what did
happen in Pittsburgh.  I think BOB has achived physicality and WE is merely
a cohort/convert.

> >The black lodge won WE over during his stint at Project Blue Book.  They
> >watched him and converted him.  That's how BOB knew about Pittsburgh.  And
> >then the Black Lodge invited WE to come and join them as a BOB-like spirit.

I think so.  Once again this ties in with the interconnectedness that I 
believe exists in the show.  Nothing occurs without some kind of reasoning.
Although these events may seem to be totally unrelated right now, I think
people will be surprised by how connected everything really is.  I somehow
feel that the deaths of Theresa Banks and Laura Palmer, the intrigue
between the Packards and the Eckhardts, the Coop and WE relationship are all
connected and important to the current storyline. 

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