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Subject: Re: 4/18 SPOILERS
From: (Chuck Kincaid)
Date: 1991-04-19, 10:17

In article <> (William K Glunt) writes:
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> > Well well know,  sometimes I really wonder if
> >Lynch and Frost DON'T read this newsgroup.
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> > There's been complaining that the old feeling of dread is
> >gone....and now this.  Whereas we used to have just a serial
> >killer to worry about,  all through the 4/18 episode I get the
> >feeling that something truly AWFUL is going to happen.  And as
> >soon as the giant showed up mouthing NOOOOOOO as Cooper said
> >that annie would be the queen,  you just knew BOB was going to 
> >put in an apperance...but if you were like me,  you figured he'd
> >appear in the vision.  But it looks like our favorite psychopathic
> >spirit has somehow managed to achieve corporial form...maybe he's
> >finally accumulated enough soul energy?
> >
> > And what's with the shakes???

I thought the scene with the giant was both hilarious and scary.  The 
giant has always been very sedate, formal, etc.  But now when it's 
possible that something seriously bad could happen to Coop's love
he panics (? sort of).  I'm sure it was meant to be very serious and
spooky but the way he did it was very funny.  I want to put that part
in the quotes, but _what_ do I quote?  :-) [Note:  where was SDC?] 

It's also interesting that you should mention BOB achieving coporal
form (corporeity?  Look it up. :-) and the shakes in the same post
like that.  Here is what's going on (I got this from an inside source.
Ok.  Inside my own mind, but still it could be right :-)   Someone
has tampered with the cherry pie (blashemy!!!).  Everyone who eats it
(and that is almost everyone in TP :-) will get the shakes.  (Note the 
woman in the diner.)  These are the person's reaction to the strength 
that BOB is drawing from them.  Then when he had enough he was able to
achieve coporeity.  Notice that when he became coporal he came with the
right arm first.  BOB WALKS AMONG US.  (or maybe not.  We don't KNOW 
that he is physical.  It just looked like it.) 

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> > I thought this was the best episode in quite some time,  and now
> >no more till June 10.  *WAIL*
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> >Bud
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I agree on both points.  A very good show, but WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

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