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Subject: Re: 4/18 SPOILERS
From: (Mr. Liquid Cheeze)
Date: 1991-04-19, 11:30

In article <> (Timothy W. Lynch) writes:

[stuff deleted]

>> >>And as
>> >>soon as the giant showed up mouthing NOOOOOOO as Cooper said
>> >>that annie would be the queen,  
> >Startled the hell out of me, that one.  As soon as Cooper said it, I and
> >everyone else naturally said "oh, bad choice of words there...", but then
> >when the Giant suddenly appeared, seeming about as frantic as he can get...
> >brr.  (And of course, Coop's shown that he's not very good at figuring out
> >what the Giant means before...this is not a good sign for Ms. Blackburne.  
> >Pity.)

I don't think we can knock Coop for his inablility to interpret the visions 
that he has.  It's very easy for us as the quasi-omniscient viewer to 
understand what the Giant means when he says "Nooo!"  We know the winner of the
Miss TP contest will be killed by WE.  Coop has no idea.  In fact it is quite
reasonable that Coop has no idea as to what exactly the Giant was saying 
"Nooo!" to.  For all Coop knows the Giant could be saying "Nooo!" to kissing
Annie. :-)

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