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Subject: Re: COOP, Drop Annie !!!! (small 4/18 spoilers)
From: (Judy Bergwerk)
Date: 1991-04-19, 11:31

In article <>, (Scott Johnson) writes:
|> In <>
(MattBrockman) writes:
|> >In article <> writes:
|> > 
|> >>All throughout this scene the camera is pulling back and we hear
|> >>"forboding" music.  That scene was *very* uncomfortable. 
Clearly, those 
|> >>discussions between COOP and Annie were not meant to be "lovey
dovey".  The 
|> >>"Blood" driping Coffee cup further shows the negative "air" about
|> >Anyways, that was a *marvelous* scene w/ that deep note
|> >held thru the conversation and the kitchen door getting 
|> >louder and the camera zooming out...chilling to say the least.
|> Did anyone else get the sense they were being watched?  I knew it
|> Earle, but maybe a Lodge dweller.
|> sj

Yes, I expected the camera to pull back a little further and show who
was sitting at the counter.  There was only half a body shown.

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