Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: COOP, Drop Annie !!!! (small 4/18 spoilers)
From: (Jeff Davis)
Date: 1991-04-19, 09:04

MattBrockman writes:

  All throughout this scene the camera is pulling back and we hear the 
  "forboding" music.  That scene was *very* uncomfortable.  Clearly, those 
  discussions between COOP and Annie were not meant to be "lovey dovey".  The 
  "Blood" driping Coffee cup further shows the negative "air" about Annie.
 Why do you think that ws coffee?! (too thick)
 There were many plates on the floor and it was
 obviously syrup. 

Young Mr Brockman obviously doesn't remember the Milton Berle/Martha Raye
comic couple the Schlumps. Hair curlers, house coat, fuzzy mules, and 
coffee so thick she had to snip it with shears. Cooper & Annie: the
new Schlumps? The horror of impending domesticity? Wasn't _Eraserhead_
about Lynch's fear of fatherhood? Whooooaaa. Questions! A new source
for speculation. Maybe Wheeler has made up the whole murder in 
Brazil thing to escape an almost certain dismal married life with
vixen-now-but-eventually-harridan Audrey. Kids! We've been looking
at this show through the wrong end of the opera glasses! 
-- Is this a long trip or a short trip?