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Subject: Re: COOP, Drop Annie !!! (4/18 spoliers)
Date: 1991-04-19, 20:27

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From: (sue hough)
Subject: Re: COOP, Drop Annie !!!! (small 4/18 spoilers)
Summary: I'm inclined to agree
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Date: 19 Apr 91 17:39:48 GMT
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In article <>, xxmartn@lims04.lerc.nasa.
> >
> > I now believe Annie is *NOT* what she seems....
> >
> > She is BAD (maybe slightly influenced by the black lodge)...
> >
> > Also, I am noticing how Annie's involvement is causing COOP to veer off
> > his quest to put an end to WE ( & Black Lodge).  She is trying to distract
> > COOP so he cannot move as quickly as WE is in finding their sources of
> > "power" (WE - Black lodge, COOP - White lodge).
> >
> > And lastly, the Giant trying to warn COOP away from Annie...he was clearly
> > (IMHO) trying to get COOP to not let Annie become his queen.

After giving all of this some thought while walking my dog, I come
to the conclusion that this person is right.

As evidenced by my last posting, I first assumed the obvious
implications of the events of recent weeks:  that the giant
was warning Coop for Annie's safety (and could Coop really
be dumb enough not to see)?  Well, Coop is being dense no matter
what, but when is the last time TP was so predictable?
Why *did* Annie decide to emerge from the convent?