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Subject: Re: Deeper meaning of TP-NOT!
From: (Karl Boyken)
Date: 1991-04-19, 07:17

In article <>, writes...

> >I just thought I'd put in my own theory on Twin Peaks and symbolism, etc.
> > 
> >IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!!! And if it does, it's not intentional!!!

Cheeze whiz!  What a killjoy!

> >...In any case, my point is: symbolism on twin peaks doesn't really mean
> >anything!  I firmly believe that the "deeper meaning" of at least half
> >of the mysterious stuff on the show is just there for fun, and to get people
> >like us to have fun speculating...

So let _us_ speculate, already!

> >Some of it, of course, is foreshadowing of the plot, but TONS can be validly
> >interpreted in so many different yet plausible ways that saying it actually
> >MEANS something is silly. (example: give me an interpretation of the stop
> >light's changing color from last spring's shows...Better yet, I'd like to see
> >SEVERAL people interpret it the same way...(the gauntlet is thrown! will I 
> >regret it?)

Okay, just for the sake of argument, just because you don't find any
meaning in TP doesn't mean it's not valid for others to see it there.  Sure,
Lynch may not intend TP to have any meaning, and sure, maybe no two people 
interpret the show the same way.  But people have been finding meaning, 
even diametrically opposed meanings, everywhere, even in such acts of nature 
as eclipses, for eons.  It's a very human activity, and, as you yourself 
point out, maybe it's even fun.  If someone wants to read the fate of the 
world in TP, fine by me.  Who knows, maybe it will even spawn a new religion,
the Church of Cooper or something.  Maybe it will change the world.  But I
doubt it.  So I don't think you have much to worry about.

> >Anyway, have fun, but PLEASE don't worry about it...

Right, Mom.

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