Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Hand-shaking
From: (Scott Johnson)
Date: 1991-04-19, 10:15

In <111@soda> writes:

>> >> Then there is the hand twitching of the lady, Coop & Pete. Is
>> >> this tied in to the above. With everyone in the town being
>> >> drawn to the conjunction of the two lodges?
> >Don't forget Ben.  At the beginning of the episode, Doc Hayward is seeing
> >Ben about heart attack symptoms he has been having; Doc declares he is
> >in no such danger.  We may assume that Ben experienced a similar
> >hand-twitching experience which prompted the visit.

While I was watching it, I assumed the shaking was an effect of the
awesome power which also caused the opening for Bob.  "When Jupiter and
Saturn align (sic) they will receive you".  Sort of a dichotomy force
collision effect of some sort, maybe?

Maybe not.