Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

From: (Special Agent Dale Cooper aka The Bob)
Date: 1991-04-19, 18:19

From article <>, by (R o d Johnson):

> In article <> (Robert D. can call me The Bob) writes:
>>Operation: Pine Weasel -- Urgent Bulletin -- Distribute immediately!
>>Desperate times require amazing efforts.
>>In the ultimate display of positive consumer reinforcement, Operation: Pine
>>Weasel is going to buy a car! (If enough peakers help, and help NOW!!!!)
>>Here's how it will work:
>>Each participating Peaker will send a $10 check, NOW, made out to:
> This has really gone too far.
> We have NO IDEA who this JC BOURQUE is or what he's going to do with
> our ten dollars. For all you know, he's just some bozo in Florida who
> has figured out a way to bilk TP fans out of $10. Besides the fact
> that the publicity stunt detailed here has a snowball's chance in
> Albuquerque (as Gordon might say) of working, I think that it's really
> really inadvisable on general principles to send this guy any money.

As was stated in the previous postings, JC is the head of COOP's InfoCom
headquarters in Florida. are to send a self addressed stamped
envelope along WITH the check. If there is not significant money, your check
will be returned. Thirdly, AND most importantly, David Lynch himself is
aware of this specific stunt and is all for it. The publicity generated
will help prove to advertisers that the members of COOP are a viable and
important demographic group. PLEASE email me personally on this if you
have any further questions. COOP is totally on the level and you have no
reason to believe otherwise.

> In general, by the way, I think this COOP thing is kind of silly.
> "But that's just me." However, I urge even confirmed COOPsters to
> treat this fishy little deal extremely gingerly.

There is no reason to treat things 'gingerly'. JC is leader of the largest
COOP state in the country right now: Florida. He is a top advertising man who
owns his own company...he knows what he is doing...AND is in personal contact
with David Lynch.

Please!!!! Help us with this! If nothing else, it helps a good charity, the
Miami Project for Crippled Children.

Bob BOB Cappel
COOP Iowa President
Robert D. Cappel, Iowa City,IA ||"You remind me today of a small
aka "BOB", eager for fun! || mexican chihuahua...." || Deputy Bureau Chief || Gordon Cole