Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: RS: The Cattle Ranchers in Space Theory
From: (Jim Stafford)
Date: 1991-04-19, 12:08

In article <> (Luis Ramos) writes:
->The tatoos found on Maj. Briggs and the Log Lady were actually brands. The
->Cattle Ranchers of the Sky [Aliens] have been branding people to indicate 
->which ranch a person belongs to [Have you checked your birthmarks recently]. 
->The petroglyph is a map,indicating the boundaries of the various ranches [The
->map shows landmarks in addition to the boundaries].The 8 symbols of the black
->box give the 8 different ranches or tribes of aliens.Bob and Mike are two of 
->three brothers which own the ranch which encompasses Twin Peaks. The third
->brother is still unkown. There's a chance that it could be the hooded figure
->we see from time to time. The two used to be real buddies but their 
->relationship has turned sour over an argument which resulted on the burnin of
->a map of their ranch.

You are truly brilliant.  I finally see the light:

-The twangy guitar soundtrack
-The big ranch among the pines
-The clash between good and evil
-The burning map
-The three brothers (one often absent)
-The patriarch, Ben


it's...	BONANZA!!

With women and aliens, too!

I can't wait for Hoss to show up and kick some owl butt!!