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Subject: Re: RS: some thoughts... (and 4/18 SPOILERS)
From: (Lainie Howard)
Date: 1991-04-19, 11:25
Reply-to: lainie@Ingres.COM (Lainie Howard)

Excerpts from article <> :
> >Okay.  Here's my .02 cents.
> >
> >
> >Owls -- I think the owls are simply guardians of some sort.  

If the owls are "not what they seem," and they seem to us to be 
harbingers of evil, then maybe they actually *aren't*.

> >Windom Earle -- . . . may end up killing the Major (or will try to).

Congratulations! It certainly seems that WE considers the Major expendable 
after target practice is over. 

> >Leo -- I think the "monster" may eventually become free and cause the real
> >  undoing of his creator, WE.  Leo's reaction to WE's obediance collar was
> >  particularly chilling in the last episode.  He even spills his beer!  

I have actually begun to feel sorry for Leo. He is so damaged that he 
didn't realize the zapper could only hurt *him*, and wouldn't work on WE.
A mind like that might have a hard time coming up with new ideas for 
getting out from under WE. Horse's ass, indeed.

WE: "I think you've found your true calling, Leo." 

> >Black Box -- . . . There has to be some kind of OBJECT that keeps the 
> >  whole shebang going. . . . Maybe the Black Box with the astrological 
> >  symbols and footprint is but one of these OBJECTS?  I think the Black 
> >  Box is a time-piece of some sort depicting a time which . . . hasn't 
> >  yet come to pass. It may contain something of importance inside it as well.

Wow, you're in good form. Now what *is* that rectangular metal block?

> >rj pietkivitch							att!ihlpz!rjp1