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Subject: Re: RS: some thoughts...
From: (Mr. Liquid Cheeze)
Date: 1991-04-19, 11:01

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> >Okay.  Here's my .02 cents.
> >
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> >Owls -- I think the owls are simply guardians of some sort.  This is
> >  something I've posted about before (last fall).  The owls are the
> >  eyes and ears of the Black Lodge.  But I don't think it's inherent.
> >  The Black Lodge merely employs or uses them to its own end.

Well, with talk of sorcerors and such it would seem natural that these owls
are somehow used as familiars or for some other similar function.  They are
the natural eyes and ears of the forest. 

> >Chess -- Why does Coop even bother playing the game with WE?  Unless he
> >  knows that playing the game is safer than NOT playing.  Otherwise, it
> >  seems to be just a plot device to portray the recurrent struggle or
> >  theme of "good" -vs- "evil", "white" -vs- "black".  The game will 
> >  either be wrapped up with the final episode and WE will be dead, or
> >  WE will survive to haunt Cooper in future episodes yet to be written.

Coop must play the game of chess with WE because it definitely not safe to not
play the game.  It was made quite clear that if Coop did not play in WE's 
little game that WE would move for Coop.  However, I believe in recent weeks
the chess game has definitely been deemphasized.  I think the game was 
essentially wrapped up last night (4/18) when Coop said that WE was becoming
more and more unpredictable and when WE declared he was playing off the board 
and swiped all the chess pieces off the board.

Yes, the chess game did serve as an importance symbol of the dichotomous
nature of Twin Peaks.  There are so many examples of the black v. white and
things that come in two.

> >Windom Earle -- You'd think that the FBI would be out in force combing
> >  the woods and the entire Twin Peaks area for this guy.  Especially
> >  since they know he's already killed several people and is bound to kill
> >  a few more.  WE made a fatal mistake when he uncovered the Cave Drawing
> >  (IMHO) but he is unaware of this.  I think he intends to use Cooper to
> >  find out where the entrance to the White/Black Lodge lies.  After that,
> >  Coop is dead meat to him.  I think WE and Major Briggs already know
> >  each other, but perhaps by different names.  WE may end up killing
> >  the Major (or will try to).

WE is a big mystery for me.  I tend to subscribe to Coop's theory of universal
connectivity when trying to explain the motivation behing WE.  Whatever WE is
doing is part of a large master plan that he has been developing for a long
time possibly since the days of Project Blue Book.  I think he may have been
abducted and faced the Black Lodge sometime in the past and has become the
evil hand of the Black Lodge in the physical world.

I am not so sure that WE and Garland know each other.  At least not as 
acquaintances in the physical world.  I think they may have confronted each
other before as representatives of the Black Lodge/White Lodge.
> >Cooper -- If the series is to continue on some other network, Cooper MUST
> >  survive.  He may go down and take injury, but it will all be in the noble
> >  line of duty.  Annie, though, I'm afraid, might be killed off in this
> >  struggle.  This would serve to doubly-resolve Coop's intent of destroying
> >  WE and the Black Lodge.  I think he will succeed in killing or at least be
> >  instrumental in the killing of WE.  But even with WE out of the picture,
> >  the Black Lodge will continue to exist and exert it's influence upon the
> >  people of Twin Peaks.  If the series is to continue, this theme of White
> >  -vs- Black Lodge must also persist.  The Owls too, must persist.  Coop's
> >  going to have to make a real effort to trap WE or at least bring him out
> >  into the open.  Perhaps Booby Briggs will get involved somehow?

Well, another clue that tends to lead me to believe in the survival of Coop
is the five-year contract that he signed to do the show.

I think they have been building up and slowly pulling us towards the direction
which leads us to beleive that Annie is indeed going to be killed off in the
struggle.  I don't necessarily think that this is true.  If we examine Coop's
life it has been one struggle between good and evil after another with evil
usually triumphing often destroying the people that he loved and cared about.
It would be particularly tragic if someone as pure and innocent like Annie is
destroyed by evil.  I fear that if evil wins again like this that Coop could
not remain a stable human being.  I also fear that good may never be able to
triumph over evil.  Good can only obtain pyrrhic victories and draws in its
epic battle.  Overly pessimistic in my opinion.  I think this time Coop might
be able to prevent evil from triumphing once again.   

Naturally, while Coop may temporarily triumph over evil in any case, it is
clear that evil will always exist in some form.  It may not be the Black 
Lodge, but it is clear you cannot eliminate evil from existence.  Notice
how persistent Killer BOB is.

> >Leo -- I think the "monster" may eventually become free and cause the real
> >  undoing of his creator, WE.  Leo's reaction to WE's obediance collar was
> >  particularly chilling in the last episode.  He even spills his beer!  I
> >  imagine that Leo has only one thing on his mind, that being the total
> >  destruction of WE.  Even if it means his own death.

Yes, I think this seem to be a prediction that is coming true.  Leostein is
clearly WE's Frakenstein.  Right now he appears to be docile and stupid, but
I think Leo is gradually being made aware of things.  

I have not read the Shelley novel Frankenstein but I am interested in how it 
ended.  Didn't the monster and his creator die in a fire?  This fits the fire
symbiolism that is used throughout the show.

> >Black Box -- So far, we only have the gifted and the damned, their visions
> >  and their fears, and a strange Cave Drawing.  Not to mention a lot of
> >  carnage.  There has to be some kind of OBJECT that keeps the whole shebang
> >  going.  Or a set of OBJECTS.  What they are I don't know.  But, they would
> >  be or act like a focal point for the power of the Black Lodge (and White
> >  Lodge) to have and sustain access to the locale of Twin Peaks (and the
> >  world at large).  Maybe the Black Box with the astrological symbols and
> >  footprint is but one of these OBJECTS?  I think the Black Box is a time-
> >  piece of some sort depicting a time which has or hasn't yet come to pass. 
> >  It may contain something of importance inside it as well.

The Black Box clearly depicts some sort of astrological symbols which leads 
me to question the its relationship with the drawings in the cave with
similar if not like symbols.  Then I also have to wonder how Eckhardt and
Jones are related to the black box, cave drawing, Black Lodge/White Lodge
and for that matter how Catherine and Andrew are all realted to the matter.
I seriously doubt that this is an entirely unrelated subplot but the connection
is so far elusive.  What was that Catherine and Andrew found in the black box
last night (4/18)?  It looked kind of like a silver brick to me.  I still
don't understand why they couldn't break the black box open with a hammer.

> >Lastly, what might possibly lie *behind* the wall of the Cave Drawing?  It
> >  seems to me that there are other "unknowns" about this cave.  Perhaps it
> >  is a vortex or a massive "power spot" that receives and transmits psychic
> >  energies of those around it?  Be they people, animals, trees, sacred
> >  writings/drawings, and/or OBJECTS.

I thought that something was hidden behind the cave drawing, but I no longer 
believe that.  I think it is merely a map of some sort requiring
interpretation.  I am not sure how the drawing serves as a calender.  I am
not sure why I beleive this but a I interpret the map as to outline Pearl Lake
as the Black Lodge.  Pearl Lake was prominently mentioned several times in
last night's episode (4/18).  WE's computer looked like it outlined a lake. 
Another clue was the image of the red curtain in the puddle near where BOB
made his appearence last night.

If Pearl Lake is indeed a critical location it makes for an interesting one.
Wasn't Laura found washed up on the banks of Pearl Lake?  This would be located
close to the home of Catherine and Andrew.  It tends to bring the show full 
circle from the death of Laura Palmer to the death of the evil that caused her

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