Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The shape of things to come
From: (Scott Johnson)
Date: 1991-04-19, 16:32

In <> (Karl Boyken) writes:

> >Here's my two bits on what's ahead:

> >I don't think BOB will possess Wyndom Earle.  That would be too obvious,
> >and besides, WE is already actively pursuing the Black Lodge.  It wouldn't
> >gain the Black Lodge much to convert the converted.  A good candidate is
> >Ben Horne, given his past and his current struggle to be a good boy.  But
> >I vote for Harry Truman.  He's lost Josie, he's still in a lot of pain,
> >and he almost went over the edge at the Bookhouse.  Having BOB take over
> >Harry would provide many opportunities for menace and mayhem.  No one
> >would suspect Harry, and Coop would trust anyone, even Annie, in Harry's
> >protective custody.

Well, here's my two bits:  I don't think Bob cares about posessing anyone
anymore.  It seems he has reached corporeal form without the need of
a host.

> >As for the queen, there are even more numerous possibilities.  We can
> >discount Nadine and the blond receptionist, because they're comic relief.
> >Laura would be a good choice on any other TV show, because she's somewhat
> >peripheral to the main characters and is thus expendable.

I hope you mean Lana!  And that blond receptionist Lucy seems to be
in it just for paternal reasons, so yes I doubt she'll win.