Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: RS: 4/18 SPOILERS and more questions
From: (Lainie Howard)
Date: 1991-04-19, 11:46
Reply-to: lainie@Ingres.COM (Lainie Howard)

SPOILERS ahead for those who have not yet seen the 4/18 episode!!
SHAKES: The shaking hands really intrigued me. Right away, I thought 
of seizures induced by rapid alternating flashes of light and dark, 
in this case spiritual light and dark, not physical. 

Then I thought about tuning forks, and how the Gifted could receive 
vibrations from the forces around them. (But the first shaking hand 
wasn't the Log Lady's, was it? Who *was* that woman at the RR counter?)
In fact, I like the idea of tuning forks a lot. Remember how Cooper 
described the puzzling clues as (drastically paraphrased) similar to 
a piece of music with missing bits: "I can't hear it yet, but I CAN 

GIANT: When Annie said maybe she would enter the Miss Twin Peaks 
contest after all, and then Coop said she would make a good Queen, 
the Giant appeared. Was he warning Coop to stop Annie from becoming 
the Queen, or was he warning Coop to stay away from Annie altogether 
because she is part of the Black Lodge (as conjectured in a previous 
posting; sorry I don't have the reference)?

OBJECT: In a previous posting someone said they were sure that what
passed in back of the red curtain in Coop's dream was a rectangular 
object. Was this the OBJECT from the Black Box? What *is* it?
The (un)Holy Grail? A key?

BLACK HOLE: In the final scene, BOB seems to emerge from the "other" 
plane, and stands looking into a hole in the ground: a black hole, 
ringed with white (snow?). The red curtain from the dream appears in 
the hole (reflected in black water?). There may be more than one portal, 
but this one was clearly ringed by trees.

BEN: What do you think frightened Ben Horne(y) so much?