Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The shape of things to come
From: (Karl Boyken)
Date: 1991-04-19, 07:53

Here's my two bits on what's ahead:

I don't think BOB will possess Wyndom Earle.  That would be too obvious,
and besides, WE is already actively pursuing the Black Lodge.  It wouldn't
gain the Black Lodge much to convert the converted.  A good candidate is
Ben Horne, given his past and his current struggle to be a good boy.  But
I vote for Harry Truman.  He's lost Josie, he's still in a lot of pain,
and he almost went over the edge at the Bookhouse.  Having BOB take over
Harry would provide many opportunities for menace and mayhem.  No one
would suspect Harry, and Coop would trust anyone, even Annie, in Harry's
protective custody.

As for the queen, there are even more numerous possibilities.  We can
discount Nadine and the blond receptionist, because they're comic relief.
Laura would be a good choice on any other TV show, because she's somewhat
peripheral to the main characters and is thus expendable.  I think we
can rule out Audrey; she seems much less vulnerable now than earlier in
the show and wouldn't be as interesting a victim.  Shelley is a
candidate, mainly because of the possibilities for inner conflict in Leo
and outer conflict between Leo and WE.  Annie Blackburn is the obvious
choice, because of Cooper's earlier loss of WE's wife.  But I bet it
will be Donna Hayward.  She's close to uncovering some dark secrets
hidden in the pasts of those around her, and forbidden knowledge always
has a cost.

So, I predict that BOB will possess Harry.  Donna will become Miss Twin
Peaks.  Cooper and WE will fight it out, while BOB/Harry disposes of Donna
in another plot line.  Major Briggs, one of my favorites, probably will
bite the big one in a last-ditch effort to save Cooper and defeat WE.
The whole Black Lodge/White Lodge thing will remain tantalizingly 
unresolved, and we will all wait to see if Fox picks up TP next season.

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