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Subject: GREAT episode
From: (George Harris)
Date: 1991-04-20, 11:15

	Great episode.

	Just a couple of comments.

	I think it's pretty clear the Giant is warning Coop that Annie 
should *not* enter the MTP contest.  I don't think Annie is bad.  If 
you'll look back, you'll see that the only bad character who has ever 
been portrayed as good is Laura.  Take that back, also Josie.  Oh, well, 
I still stand behind Annie being okay.

	Wrt the hand shaking business I have only two ideas:

		Cooper actually *does* have malaria, & it's an epidemic.

		This is dependent on Pete Martell going to the Double R,
which I don't remember him ever doing, but we can overlook that little 
loophole.  Windom Earle is finding a way to poison the food in the Double
R.  I particularly like that idea.

	Oh-by-the-way, tha silver block Catherine & Abdrew found is actually
a sub-critical mass of plutonium, & they'll both die of radiation poisoning.
(just kidding)

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