Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Odd questions and comments.
From: (Chuck Kincaid)
Date: 1991-04-20, 14:44

	Even though it seemed like Twin Peaks meets Love Boat, it was a
very good show.  Especially the last 5-10 minutes.  Someone said there
were a lot of good quotes.  If I put all of the ones I copied in the
list there will only be about 10.  None are 'amazing' and some are only
partially good.  Suggestions?

	When Harry, Cooper and Andy come into the sherrif's office Lucy
said that Hawk was giving a sad man she had never seen before breakfast.
Filler or important?

	On Donna's Birth Certificate the county and state are marked
out.  (The events you are seeing are not real. :-)  

	When Pete was in the hotel and before Audrey hijacks him he is
saying "Josie, I see your face".  (Someone already mentioned this)  Now
it could be him saying a poem again this time to the picture, but when
he leaves he waves goodbye to the picture!!  

	If you look close the metal thing that Catherine and Andrew
found was NOT there when he broke the last box.  Is this a Schrodinger's
cat deal or just a way to make the breaking easier?

	What was the scene right after the Catherine and Andrew one?  It
seemed to be a house on a lake.  Pearl Lake?  Do we know this house and
I'm just slow?

	A while back there was much discussion about the sexism in the
show.  In this episode there were two references to males and females
working as equals.  The first was when Audrey (that goat :-) said, "I
want you to make love _with_ me"  not _to_ me.  and the second was when
Annie (friend or foe?) said "We'll follow each other."  

	Two things that might be foreshadowing Annie being a pawn/member
of the BL (God forbid!) besides the ones already mentioned are her
looking away when she was talking to Cooper (while they were dancing)
and her saying (as Coop said) "hear the other side, see the other side".
During the former it seemed like she was truthful, but maybe she
couldn't look in his eyes for the whole speech.  The latter could be a
reference to the other side of where Coop (or she) is. I.e. the dark

	I cannot wait for two months.

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