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Subject: Re: 4/18 and beyond (RS) (SPOILERS)
From: jbuck@janus.Berkeley.EDU (Joe Buck)
Date: 1991-04-20, 17:33

In article <51707@apple.Apple.COM> larryy@Apple.COM (Larry Yaeger) writes:
> >Sorry, Canadian friends... I don't even like to think about how frustrating
> >it must be to have the episode just disappear with no warning.  I sincerely
> >hope that Global reschedules.  As you probably are all too aware by now, the
> >show did go on in the States on Thursday as planned.  I really suspect that
> >Lynch has been heavily re-editing in preparation for the "wrap-up", hence the
> >late arrival of the tapes.

Wrong: the show that was aired 4/18 in the US was completed before the first
hiatus was announced.  The filming has always been several months ahead of
the airing; that's why comments saying "Lynch and Frost must read the net"
are so obviously wrong (unless you assume they can time travel, since someone
says this when last week's prediction shows up in this week's show).

I suspect that ABC got pissed off that the Canadians were seeing the show
first and interfered somehow; or it may just be an accident.

> >Contrary to Windom's and Joe Buck's belief (nice company ya keep there, Joe :-),
> >I don't think the White Lodge is "clumsy and ineffectual" as compared to the
> >Black Lodge.  Rather, the White Lodge's methods are simply more subtle, and
> >less direct than those of the Black Lodge.

I said that the White Lodge SEEMED clumsy and ineffectual, not that they

> >enlightenment, or Heaven.  Because of this greater refinement, and, perhaps,
> >a greater respect for the ways of Fate (the way of Dao), the Giant is less
> >willing to remake the world, or to directly intervene, hence his cryptic,
> >oracular pronouncements to Dale.  Tonight's more direct "Nooo!" from the
> >Giant are a sign that things are really heating up, and was delivered with
> >a suitably concerned expression to accompany such a radical action.

Yes, and I don't believe that the White Lodge would interfere in this way
to save a single life.  Life and death (even murder) are, from their
elevated view, part of the natural cycle.  There is some reason why this
is more important, some bigger disaster that must be prevented.

Joe Buck	 {uunet,ucbvax}!!jbuck