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Subject: Re: Hand-shaking
Date: 1991-04-20, 09:46

In article <>, (Ed Krol) writes:
> > writes:
> > 
>>> >>> Then there is the hand twitching of the lady, Coop & Pete. Is
>>> >>> this tied in to the above. With everyone in the town being
>>> >>> drawn to the conjunction of the two lodges?
> > 
>> >>Don't forget Ben.  At the beginning of the episode, Doc Hayward is seeing
>> >>Ben about heart attack symptoms he has been having; Doc declares he is
>> >>in no such danger.  We may assume that Ben experienced a similar
>> >>hand-twitching experience which prompted the visit.
> > 
Or he needed a physical for a new life insurance policy. Note his comment
 about the forms sent him

> > I thought this was all a precursor of Bob's hand at the very 
> > end appearing before the rest of him.  

I agree. I got the impression that BOB was attempting to come back and was
trying to find a host. I have no explanation of why he chose who he did.

Note also the scenes where Ben turned around as if he heard something and
when Coop was kissing Annie (in the diner). He pulls back and looks around as
if he feels/ senses something.

Jonathan Davidson

Dalhosie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia