Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Two Questions and a Comment
From: (Bob Ingria)
Date: 1991-04-20, 15:59
Reply-to: ingria@BBN.COM

Two questions about details of the Little Pine Weasel Fashion Show
that I haven't seen discussed here.

(1) At the start of that segment, Ben Horne is throwing small objects
out into the crowd.  I couldn't make out what they were.  Did anyone
else figure out what they were?

(2) When Ben and Catherine start talking, she refers to him as ``John
Muir (name probably distorted), friend of the wilderness'' or some
such (sorry, my tape's out on loan, so I can't give an exact quote).
Who was Catherine referring to?

As for the comment, I haven't seen anyone discuss this here, which
surprises me, since it's fairly obvious.  The old Ben Horne always had
a cigar in hand or mouth, or was in the process of moving cigar from
pocket to mouth.  The new, reformed Ben Horne does the same, but with
a carrot, which I find hysterically funny.  Does anyone remembers an
old suggestion on this list that smoking, as an instance of fire, was
an indication of evil or deviousness on a character's part?  If there
was any truth to that, Ben ditching his cigar for a carrot would be
another indication that his new persona is genuine and not a fake.
(But what did Ben see or hear behind him the last we saw of him?)