Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A thousand points of light
From: (Luis Ramos)
Date: 1991-04-21, 21:48

A friend of a friend who works for the CIA mentioned something interesting to 
me regarding the Project Blue Book. At some point in time, he said that Pres. 
George Bush was somehow involved in this project and that he even has a 
tattoo to prove it. Anyway, everything began to make sense for me upon viewing
the final scene of the 4/18 episode. Someone had asked what that "light thing"
was to the left of the screen just before Bob's hand made its entrance.
Well, after painstakingly viewing it very closely, I could see that the "thing"
actually consisted of exactly a thousand pixels [points] of light.

The reason why the government has been so secretive about the Project Blue
Book is because they actually have the planet Jupiter wired up with atomic
bombs and of course hell will break loose once environmental types learn
of this. The probes that were sent out to Jupiter (was it the Magellan) had
a secret mission of planting these bombs all over the planet. Apparently,
the Air Force does know about the possible Armagedon that may occur once 
Jupiter and Saturn aligned. This earth day, when asked whether the President 
would actually go to the extent of destroying Jupiter in order to save the 
planet Earth, the president replies "We're nah gonna do ih" (with matching hand

Happy Earth Day,

P.S. The planting of atomic bombs in Jupiter is not true. It is a solution
     that one would probably find in a Superman movie but hey, it is a 
     solution; and we have the technology.