Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Briggs Backward Again
From: (Jason Snell)
Date: 1991-04-21, 21:55

Okay, as someome suggested, I took the backward briggs speech and reversed
it syllable by syllable. It does indeed seem to say:

"That Gum You Like Is Coming Back..."

weird. Remember, the little man said it forward but backward. now briggsy is
saying it backward but forward? weird. if we're not just reading way too
much into this whole thing.

but I don't think we are. if for no other reason than his "emoc" sound was
OBVIOUSLY meant to be a backward syllable.

If someone has access to an ftp location, I'd be glad to send them digitized
versions of both the straight backward and the "syll-by-syll" backward
sound files (mac format... um, stuffed, binhexed okay? or no?)... just
mail me and ask.


-- Jason Snell / / University of California, San Diego "Of course, Shakespeare would have loved your ratings system-- 'Twelfth Night' would have been lucky to have lasted one!" --Max Headroom