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Subject: Re: COOP, Drop Annie !!!! (small 4/18 spoilers)
Date: 1991-04-21, 11:07

In article <4102@autodesk.COM> robertj@Autodesk.COM (Young Rob Jellinghaus)
> >In article <> writes:
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>> >>Recall the diner scene where COOP and Annie were small talking...
>> >>All throughout this scene the camera is pulling back and we hear the 
>> >>"forboding" music.  That scene was *very* uncomfortable.  Clearly, those 
>> >>discussions between COOP and Annie were not meant to be "lovey dovey".  The 
>> >>"Blood" driping Coffee cup further shows the negative "air" about Annie.
> >
> >Feh.  The way I see it, they really are innocents in love in a dark
> >and dangerous world.  Their love is not enough to stave off the
> >evil that surrounds them.  But that doesn't mean they aren't sincere
> >and pure!
> >

The Major's statement that his greatest fear is "That love is not enough" is
particularly important in this regard.

>> >>And lastly, the Giant trying to warn COOP away from Annie...he was clearly 
>> >>(IMHO) trying to get COOP to not let Annie become his queen.
> >
> >No, no.  He was simply saying "NO!  Don't let Annie enter the Miss TP
> >contest!"  Followed by a shot of Windom that clued Coop into what is
> >going on with the petroglyph.  But the Giant wasn't slamming Annie,
> >just the idea that Annie might enter the contest.
> >

Right on, Rob. It's meant to make us think that Annie will win and therefor be
the one that WE tries to kill. His concern makes it look like WE will succeed.
Whether this turns out to be the case or not, remains to be seen. They worked
pretty hard to make us think that Ben killed Laura.

> >Rob Jellinghaus

-Rich Haller