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Subject: Re: RS: Another Stone
Date: 1991-04-21, 14:13

In article <> (Ann Hodgins) writes:
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>> >> Buddism:  The final ideal is to reach a state 
>> >>of internal and external balance and to embrace opposites as necessary 
>> >>components of the whole.  
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> >In astrology, Jupiter very generally refers to good and Saturn to evil.
> >A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn could symbolize good and evil merging.
> > 
> >a.h.
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I'm no astrology buff so I ran over to the library and looked in some
dictionaries of Astrology. One of them stated that Jupiter is traditionally
regarded as "the greater Fortune" and "Benefic" while Saturn is "the greater
Infortune" and "Malefic".

Having them together could imply either an opportunity for
enlightenment/nirvana, or, if one takes the dualist POV, a choice point, one
path leading to great fortune and the other to disaster, Armageddon, if you
will. Coop seems drawn to the Buddhist path, but he is finding it hard to let
go of the idea that there is a real evil force that must be vanquished by
opposing it with counterforce.

Buddhism seems to be very aware of the dangers in such thinking.  If you regard
evil as other, you can wind up becoming something very like that which you seek
to destroy.  "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."

I think that Coops desire to stalemate WE rather than defeat him may indicate
he accepts this at some level.  Whether he can hold on to that if WE manages to
kill Annie is another question.