Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: 4/18 SPOILERS and personal rantings
From: (David Ruderman - Racquetball Commissioner)
Date: 1991-04-22, 07:31

I don't spoil that much.

Wasn't the opening scene, when the dead sniveling teenager
(pawn) was being rocked utterly ghastly?  Scared me.

Of course when WE and Leostein nab the major, all I could
think of is Knight captures bishop.  And the Major is a
sort of bishop type of guy.  At least he seems to be the
most religious -- principled, moral, philosopical, stuffy,
wordy, obtuse, unexcitable.  In fact, I've been wondering
since they have all this small town stuff (sheriff, mayor,
newspaper editor, football quarterback, bully) why dont
they have a town preacher?  But I dont care enough to want
an answer.

That lump of metal looks like that typical Star Trek lump of
metal.  If Spock was there he would wave the tricorder over it
and say "Captain, This alloy is not known anywhere in our
part of the Galaxy".  ... or "Captain, Our phasers could not
penetrate this substance under maximum power".  My pet theory
is that it is a monolith that will send a narrow frequency
powerful signal to one of the moons of Jupiter ... or
maybe... Saturn.

We all know that eventually Leo will be the undoing of WE.
It happens in all them Leostein genre movies.  Almost happened
this episode.  I felt like calling up Leo in that little shack
in the woods and tellling him to stop pressing the button.
But, I was watching on tape and he had done it too many hours before
for me to help him.   Hey, wasnt Frankenstein written by... Shelley?

Looks like Coop is getting his judgement clouded by love again.
I kinda hope that he and annie make it to the White Lodge.
Annie is a pure person (no expectations about life, ex-nun, ect..)
and we know what a deserving guy Coop is.

I would like to put the location of the White Lodge somewhere 
near that waterfall ... right under wayne mansion, um er, 
the Great Northern...

Whatever happened to little Richie (Richard), TOAM, Big Ed, Dr. Jacoby,
hank, all the people who got arrested, all the people in the hospital,
Jerry Horne, and where is Diane?  Why will she show up?  Where has
she been all my life?  I bet she is married to Mr. Phelps from
Mission Impossible and they send each other love tapes that self
destruct in 5 seconds.




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