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Subject: Re: I've gotta hand it to ya
Date: 1991-04-22, 12:09

In article <>, rosimcg@OAVAX.CSUCHICO.EDU
(Rosi McGillivray) says:

[Good stuff deleted]

> >............ About the shaking hands...didn't Mike say say
> >something earlier about having to cut off his arm to be free of the
> >evil (BOB-type)? If so, and this goes along with what several of you were
> >saying, does the fact that all these people having shaking right hands
> >portend >some< sort of possible possession?

If you remember, Mike cut off his LEFT arm, and it is everyone's right hand
that is shaking.  If the black lodge is represented by the left arm, then
perhaps the right arm represents the white lodge.  The shaking of Mrs. Tremond
Pete & Cooper may be an attempt by the white lodge to gather together its
forces and warn them of the approaching danger from the opening of the
door.  I think Bob's emerging with his right arm is coincidental (I may regret
saying this-TP is not a coincidental universe :-)

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> >Peace,
> >Rosi
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--Kit A.