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Subject: Re: the 4-18 episode!!
From: (Pete Zakel)
Date: 1991-04-22, 14:31

In article  UN040377@WVNVAXA.WVNET.EDU writes:
> >* About the drug that Earle gave to Major Briggs: does a
> >drug actually exist that makes one tell the truth?  Could be
> >a possible connection with Haliperidol.

Amazingly enough, immediately after one of the Twin Peaks shows I happened to
turn to another channel which was airing a show in which a psychiatrist was
talking about the use of Haliperidol to treat schizophrenia.  But I doubt that
Haliperidol could be used as a "truth serum".

In fact, there is no such thing as a "truth serum" per se, but many drugs
put people into a state where their inhibitions are lowered and they may
answer questions which they normally wouldn't.  With very strong-willed
people, however, the dose required to elicit cooperation is usually very
close to the dose which makes the person completely incomprehensible.

(And to answer someone else's question: Yes, it sounded like he was talking
backwards to me, also.)

> >* In the very chaotic Earle/Briggs/computer scene, Earle
> >said: "Dale wasn't far away; the cave painting is an
> >invitation of sorts, telling us when the _______ begin." 
> >What's the missing word?  It sounded like "rebels" but that

I think it was "revels" or "revelry" (approximately same meaning as
"festivities", but with a slightly baser connotation).

-Pete Zakel
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