Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP Astrology!
From: (Brett J. Vickers)
Date: 1991-04-22, 23:48
Reply-to: (Brett J. Vickers) (Matthion) writes:
>> >>Yo Peakers,
>> >>  A couple of words on the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction from Simon,
>> >>your friendly, neighborhood astrologer.  In our world, the last
>> >>conjunctions between them occured in late 1980 through mid 1981.
>> >>(There were actually three exact conjunctions then due to the
>> >>retrograde motion of both planets.)  The next will not occur until
>> >>the end of May 2000.  This does not correspond with any TP time
>> >>frame, but who ever said it should? (Robert M Sanner) writes:
> >	If this is true, and it takes ~20 years between conjunctions, then
> >in 1991, are they in perfect opposition??? (if this is the right word for it)

Actually, they are.  Given that Jupiter and Saturn line up on the same side of
the sun every 19.85 years, that means they line up on opposite sides of the
sun 9.93 years after.

I believe TP takes place in 1989.  So that would be just about right (maybe
a little off).

But I believe the show said Jupiter and Saturn would "meet."  Being on
opposite sides of the sun isn't exactly meeting.  So who knows?

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