Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Twin Peaks Chess Set (Theoretical)
From: maus@fid.Morgan.COM (Malcolm Austin)
Date: 1991-04-22, 11:55

OK, I have reversed the convention of white=good and black=evil, since
Windom is playing white.  I have also stuck to the convention of female
players for queens (against my better judgment, in the case of white),
and kept to buildings for rooks.  Bishops have quasi-mystical connotations.
(Magician types)  Knights are solid workhorse types.  Pawns are nameless, and
all the same (on a side).

White King 	- Windom Earle (playing his flute)
White Queen	- Catherine (weakest choice here, but there are no really
		  *evil* women in TP, in the Windom/BOB sense.  Could replace
		  with BOB, I suppose, except for the gender convention
White Bishops 	- Leland (w golf club!)
		- BOB (grinning maniacally, wringing hands)
White Knights	- Leo Johnson (bathrobe, collar, and drool)
		- Benjamin Horne (carrot in one hand, cigar in his mouth)
White Rooks	- Great Northern (w metal waterfall spilling over the top
		  onto base of piece)
		- Train Car (where LP and Ronette were found)
White Pawns	- Owls (but of course!, mounted on tree braches)

Black King	- Cooper (in his FBI suit, tape recorder to face)
Black Queen	- Laura Palmer (Sorry, Annie, but Laura *clearly* has
		  precedence.  "Homecoming queen" look, with prom dress
Black Bishops	- Giant (hands folded in front of him)
		- Major Briggs (on woodland throne!, or at attention)
Black Knights	- Truman (hat, gun, one hand on hip puzzled look)
		- Albert (stethoscope, lab coat, irritated expression)
		or Denise! (smiling, head cocked to one side)
Black Rooks	- the Gazebo (idyllic, plus it would look good on a rook)
		- the RR Diner (just the sign)
Black Pawns	- as designed by Windom Earle--rocker w head lolling out of
		  a pawn.  Alternative: dancing dwarfs.

The board is, naturlich, wood.  Either dark and light wood, or light wood
alternating with "red curtain" colored squares.  In either case, the cave
petroglyph should be etched into it.

These are tough choices.  I am emphasizing the current plot, hence haven't
included any of the One-Eyed Jacks crowd (Blackie, Renault Bros., Mountie,
etc.)  And it was tough selecting among the lawmen (and I couldn't decide
between Albert and Denise--Albert for the show, but I think Denise would
make a better looking piece (no pun intended)).  Andy and Hawk are also 
worthy candidates.

Gee, this was fun!

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