Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: the 4-18 episode (love that BOB!)
From: dfl@panix.uucp (Danny Lieberman)
Date: 1991-04-22, 22:42

 I just wish that more people would use whatever special VCR effects they got.
I slomo'd the breaking of the box.  When Andrew Packard smashed it, it was
empty.  After a cut we see him raise up the metallic bar, and exclaim "catherine!"  The bar appears to be slightly larger than the black box he smashed with the
rolling pin.  It is possible to play sound backwards at various speeds, if you
own a SONY SLHF-1000 and know how to use it.  (perhaps I should cross post this
to  Turn off all the hifi tracks, enter assembly edit mode.  Then
you can play forwards/backwards at whatever speed you like (X1, X2, X5, 1/5, or
1/10)... The Majors speaking nothing intelligible.  It sounds just as bizarre
backwards as forwards.  Funny, they show his mouth clearly, and it looks like
he's mouthing the garbled syllables... Course theres a mechanical phrasing
there that reeks of tampering.  Good enough reason for Earle to give up.  What-
ever that "truth" drug he gave him was, it didn't work for very long.  I 
figured he gave him HALDOL (Haloperidol).. but it was yellow whatever it was.
Probably Mountain Dew ;^)...

Love that BOB sequence right at the end!

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