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Subject: Coffee or syrup: only the set-dresser knows for sure
From: (George Harris)
Date: 1991-04-23, 14:42

	Wrt the coffee //syrup controversy after rhte dishes crashed in the
RR, I'm going to have to come down on the coffee side of the fence (or what-
ever.)  Just before they cut to the slo-mo view of the liquid in question, 
they show a from above shot of the fallen dishes, & there is a cup filled with
a black liquid which is just spilling over the rim (barely).  Since syrup does
not usually come in a cup, I'd have to say this was probably coffee.

	Its viscosity is explained away ny the fact that it was being shown in
slow-motion close-up, so ti only *seemde* viscous.

	Oh-by-the-way, re that final spooky scene in the woods.  You remember
of course that just before Bob's right arm appeasred, a spot of light shows up
towards the left of the frame?  Well, *i* think this was just the sp[otlight 
that they used to highlight Bob's arm.  I mean, in most of Coop's visions a
mystical spotlight shows up to highlight whocver is important.  Remember, a
spotlight appeared when Bob/Leland killed Maddie, too.  I'll bet that someibne
with a good tv & vcr could fing Bob's arm's shadow in that pool of lihgt if 
he (//she) looked closely enough.

	I *still* think that metal block is plutonium.  (:-])

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