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Subject: Re: GREAT Episode (theory on animal heads on walls)
From: (Barb Miller)
Date: 1991-04-23, 15:46

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Subject: Re: GREAT episode

   >I would love to know why we had the sudden flash to that animal (mountain
   >goat?) hanging on the wall, though!
	   My personal theory is that spirits inhabit not only wood and
   owls but also other things found in the woods.  The various moose (stag?)
   heads we've seen around Twin Peaks as well as the "goat"-head behind
   Andrew.  This would indicate that a spirit was watching Andrew and
   Catherine.  By exclusive whiteness of the goat, I would guess that the
   spirit is a "good" one.

The trouble with this is that I don't think mountain goats live in the
woods.  They would be higher up above treeline, if any of the
mountains in the area go that high.  This is a part of the Twin Peaks
environment we haven't been exposed to for the most part, although I
suppose it could be a significant new development.  I suppose the
mountain goats could be the mountaintop counterpart to the owls.
Somehow thought I doubt that this will play out very much this late in
the story.

I suppose spirits could move into the animal heads that are already
stuffed, as Josie's spirit seems to have moved into the drawer knob.
It certainly was an intriguing image for the camera to focus on at
that point, giving the viewer something ELSE to wonder about besides
"What's that metallic thing?"  I'm trying to think of any particular
symbolism traditionally attached to goats that might explain the shot
as a way of underscoring some attribute of Catherine and Andrew that
was being expressed (their greed, primarily, although I think that goats
were actually symbols of rampant sexuality).  I guess we'll just have
to wait and see if it comes up again later...

Barb Miller