Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: I've gotta hand it to ya
From: (Mary V. Burke)
Date: 1991-04-23, 07:24

WRT to DIY amputations, Luis Ramos writes:

#4. He happened to be holding an axe or a machette on his right hand just 
 #  the shakes set in then the right hand took a mind of its own and 
  # the other arm off (just like they did in "Evil Dead 2").

Tsk tsk, Louie, every conscientious horror scholar knows that Ash cut off 
his RIGHT hand in _Evil Dead 2_ (I imagine because Bruce Campbell is a 
leftie).   And he quite intentionally picked up the chainsaw to do it, 
since the possessed hand was just about to grab a cleaver to attack him 

#3. Mike had a "tattoo" on his left arm which the evil aliens/spirits use 
#   hook up to him. Amputating this arm will consequently sever his ties
#   with them.

Hmmm...This could be a problem for the Major and the Log Lady.  Will the 
Major be forced to cut off his head to be safe?  :-)  

I tend to favor something between  #1  (voluntary penance) and #3--I think 
Mike's tattoo might just have been a sign of belonging to the group (like 
a Hell's Angels tattoo, for instance...) rather than an actual "hookup" 
through which the evil spirits gain access to him.  So cutting off the arm 
would have been a gesture of dissociation from the BL once Mike has "been 

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