Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: RS - speculations
From: (Niraj Mehta)
Date: 1991-04-23, 10:11

Hi fellow peakers!  I just figured out how to post on this damn thing! 
This is my first posting!  So I have some questions that go way back:

1)  Rememer the last episode of last season, where Jacoby is whacked over the
    head and has a heart attck?  Who was it who did it?  Did we ever find out,
    cause I have every episode on tape and I don't remember seeing anything about
2)  That horse that we see is in front of Mrs. Palmer is the same one that is
    mentioned in Laura's diary, right?  I remember reading in there that Laura 
    get's a pony or something and it dies...

If any of you guys know the answer to any of those question, surely e-mail me, OK
and please write to ABC and tell Bob Iger not to cancel TP!  I know it might not
make any difference, but ask yourself this:  Will your concience ever forgive you
for letting TP die without doing anything about it?  Also, if you live in the
LA area, try calling KABC for info.  What they do is they put on this recording
that gives you info(address for ABC, too) and then they let you talk, so they
"can know you concern about their programming"!  So, please call and write your
hearts out, OK, but keep it clean, because profanity could be counter-productive!
The number for KABC is (I think)  213-557-7777.  Give em a peice of your mind.
If you just wanna chat about TP, just e-mail, OK!  I love getting mail...

Niraj Mehta (
"But now the holy dollar rules everybody's live...
"Gotta make a million, doesn't matter who dies...
"Revolution calling you..."