Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Welcome to Twin Peaks
From: (Robert Russell)
Date: 1991-04-23, 02:28
Reply-to: (MattBrockman)

In article  appel@xcf.Berkeley.EDU (Shannon D. Appel) writes:
> >I just got the Twin Peaks sound track the other day, and I got to
> >thinking about the signpost (Welcome to Twin Peaks...Population xx,xxx).
> >I started looking through the old episodes, and found that the population
> >figure has been slowly dropping for a long time.  Every time someone
> >has been killed in Peaks, the signpost has been appropriately decremented,
> >and it has been incremented the few times we've had people come back
> >(Andrew, Catherine). This really came to my attention due to the extreme
> >decrease in the figure last week, between the first and third commercial
> >breaks.  Anyone have any ideas as to where those 300 people went?

I have noticed this, too. I didn't want to say anything for fear
that I was losing it, but your article has prompted me into words...

I believe that the number actually dropped such a dramatic amount
due to the dimensional rift theory mentioned and sketchily outlined
in "The Secret Tapes of Federal Agent Cooper" ($8.95;Bantam 
Books,1991) by Franklin Frost.

It basically states that the opposite influences of the Black Lodge
and White Lodge (i.e. Saturn/Jupiter) create a type of dimensional
whirlpool when too close. Well, as Jupiter and Saturn close in on each
other, this whirlpool is formed.

I think that the number was only fluctuating before because Jupiter and
Saturn were relatively far apart, now that they are close, the number
of "missing" has greatly increased. According to the book, the people
are actually erased (or written into) from time itself, never having