Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Giant and his silent NO
From: (Cool Bean)
Date: 1991-04-23, 06:31


As I see it now, the Giant's signalling (no extra point?) could mean one
of three things:

	1.  Don't let Annie enter the contest.  She is in danger.

	2.  Annie IS danger.  Stay away from her.

	3.  Being that Cooper has a long history of letting love 
	    interfere with his judgement (if you haven't read "My
	    Life, My Tapes" yet, I suggest that you do), it could
	    mean for him to stay clear until the task at hand is
            taken care of.  The White Lodge (or wherever the Giant
	    and  his gang hail from) seems to need him at the
	    moment.  And if his mind is distracted with love, he
            is of no use.

--Cool Bean
-- **This is not cultural.