Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 4/18 SPOILERS
From: (Jim Stafford)
Date: 1991-04-24, 14:15

In article <> (William K Glunt) writes:
> >
> > There's been complaining that the old feeling of dread is
> >gone....and now this.  Whereas we used to have just a serial
> >killer to worry about,  all through the 4/18 episode I get the
> >feeling that something truly AWFUL is going to happen.  And as

It's amazing how effective the TP Standard Scary Ending thing is:
The wind blowing the pines, the repeated 3-note musical motif,
clouds racing across the moon... We'd all be on the edge of our
seats if they played this at the end of Mr. Robert's Neighborhood!
> >soon as the giant showed up mouthing NOOOOOOO as Cooper said
> >that annie would be the queen,

This scene made me think: Was the Big Guy warning Cooper to protect
Annie, or could he have been trying to warn him that she might not be
what she seems?  Is it possible that her suicide attempt was _not_
unsuccessful, and that she may be reservations agent for the Black Lodge?
I think he better keep an eye on his American Express card.

> >you just knew BOB was going to 
> >put in an apperance...but if you were like me,  you figured he'd
> >appear in the vision.  But it looks like our favorite psychopathic
> >spirit has somehow managed to achieve corporial form...maybe he's
> >finally accumulated enough soul energy?

Looked like he was emerging from a tree.  Must be a Bud Man. (sorry!)
I thought everyone knew he's the ultimate Soul Man!

> > And what's with the shakes???

Looks like Coop & Pete better switch to deep black decaf.

> >Bud

jimbo (Jim Stafford)